• 15

    Sirloin steak tartare on glass bread

    Beef tenderloin steak tartar on Cristal bread with sweet mustard

  • 14

    Grilled beef taco with Oaxaca cheese and satay sauce

    Grilled beef taco with satay sauce, Oaxaca cheese, pak choi and jalapeños.

    2 units.


  • 13

    Bao of Iberian cheeks and pickles with sriracha sauce

    Baos of Iberian pork cheeks with Port and Pedro Ximenez, with sweet and sour pickles and a sriracha sauce.

    2 units.


  • 12

    Iberian pork nigiri with kimchi mayonnaise

    Iberian Presa Niguiri with pickles and gratin kimchi mayonnaise.

    6 pieces.

  • 13

    Pulled Pork Brioche

    Pork ribs vacuum cooked at low temperature with teriyaki sauce, and served with pepper mayonnaise, red onion and arugula